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Our Receivables Intelligence platform, “AssetWatch”, delivers valuable insights into receivables performance.

By providing clients with near real-time analysis of receivables performance, AssetWatch can drive significant improvements enabling clients to achieve the most from one of their best working capital assets.
AssetWatch has been independently rated by Australia Ratings attaining a “Superior” rating for 7 consecutive years. To view the rating report, please click here.

AssetWatch Features

Receivables Finance

Specifically designed for receivables finance, the platform provides fully automated daily reconciliations even across multiple ledgers, jurisdictions and bank accounts.

Reporting & Analytics

Assists with ledger management though a wide range of performance reports which drill down to key performance drivers.


AssetWatch is designed for seamless integration with client data; overcoming the need for manual processing.

Risk Mitigation

Improve oversight and identify areas of concern before they escalate to a loss.


AssetWatch can be utilised in any jurisdiction in any country seamlessly.

Back-up Servicing

Assetsecure can act as a back up servicer to support other finance facilities.

Optimising Working Capital and Receivables Management.